Quick Landscaping Design Ideas For a Yard Makeover

beautiful home and landscape completed by whitby landscaping designersLandscape staging doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. Sprucing up your outdoor spaces to add value to your home and attract more potential buyers can be done in a weekend without spending a lot of money. Here are some great tips from professional Durham stump grinding company that will help you give your yard a makeover quickly and cheaply.

Create Separate Spaces

The best way to make your yard and outdoor areas look professionally designed is to create separate spaces within them. Just like in a house you should always define spaces by function. So create separate areas for things like a play area or an outdoor dining and entertainment area. Use outdoor furniture to define the spaces. Outdoor rugs, lighting, screens and other elements can also help define and separate outdoor spaces.

Clean Up Garden Paths

Over time garden paths or yard paths can get overgrown and trampled down. Spend some time marking out a new path. Then use crushed gravel, straw, or other materials to clearly mark the path. Fresh mulch is not expensive and will create a beautiful path through your outdoor areas. Wood chips are another inexpensive option for creating a lovely path through the yard or garden. When you freshen up or add a new path it adds to the landscape design and makes the outdoor spaces look a lot more inviting.

Ditch The Concrete

If your home has only a concrete slab patio or outdoor area and you don’t have the time or money to build a low deck you can still cover up that ugly plain concrete. You can buy a masonry stain that will add color and depth to the concrete. Or you can use mortar and slate tiles laid over the concrete to completely change the look of the patio. You can turn that ugly concrete area into a beautiful outdoor entertaining space, yoga space, or just a great place to sit and have coffee. If you’re creative you can buy tiles in different colors and shapes and create stunning mosaic tile paths and accents throughout your outdoor spaces. Let your creativity shine and your imagination be your guide.

Overall finding the right landscaping design for your property not only comes down to selecting the right contractor but also spending enough time considering the options available to you; whether that be using hedges or bushes, garden and mulch, or spacing, there are many options available to make your home look fantastic.