Regular Plumbing Maintenance Every Homeowner Should Have Done

plumber inspecting a water heaterWhen you own a home, getting regular home maintenance done is much more cost effective than waiting for something to go wrong. Preventing an emergency will always cost less than fixing one after it occurs. Regular plumbing maintenance can prevent serious problems like flooding or burst pipes. A local Toronto plumbing service company recommended these routine plumbing tasks that should be carried out by licensed professionals on a regular basis.

Drain Cleaning

People do not often think about all the things that are flowing through their drains. But over time all that soap scum, hair and other debris clogs the drain and can clog your pipes leading to burst pipes, leaks and other problems. Getting drain cleaning service done regularly will prevent serious problems by cleaning out the drains and identifying any leaks or weak spots in the plumbing.

Water Heater Servicing

Water heaters are one of the most essential things in your home. But a lot can go wrong with them leading to big plumbing problems and possible even the need to replace the water heater. New water heaters are expensive and time consuming to install. You should get your water heater inspected and checked at least twice a year to avoid emergencies.

Leak Detection

Leak detection is something that smart homeowners rely on to keep their plumbing in good shape. A qualified plumber can identify and spot any small leaks, cracks, or weak spots in the plumbing in your home and fix them. Getting those little leaks and problems fixed right away will prevent burst pipes, water leaking inside the home, and a lot of other problems. Leak detection is the best defense against future plumbing problems.

Sump pump maintenance

Sump pump inspection and maintenance is important because it keeps your basement from flooding with sewage or sewer water. No one wants to deal with a backed up sewer line or a sewer water flood in the basement. If your sump pump isn’t working correctly water could also seep into the foundation of your home and cause cracks in the foundation. Over time those cracks can cause major damage to the foundation of your home. That can compromise the structural integrity of your home or cause it to shift. Foundation problems are very expensive to fix. A simple sump pump inspection and sump pump maintenance done twice a year will help you avoid having to fix huge foundation problems later on.